[REQ]: Scrolling through tabs, PLEASE!

Hello Nir,

Could we perhaps get a scrolling through open Chat/Search/Wishlist tabs? Either a scrollbar or some arrows that would allow to switch between what's visible. Right now, on OS X, when there are too many tabs open, there really is no way to easily navigate between respective tabs. As an example:


The last tab on the right is truncated, and there are several others that are out of view and that I can only navigate between sliding my fingers through a Trackpad apparently. Some sort of a visual cue, buttons, whatever, would be greatly appreciated, however.

If that would be possible, it would be absolutely fantastic - and such a great relief.

Many thanks,


That's a serious UI problem.. apparently it's the default for the Qt Macintosh style. Let me know if this build doesn't do the trick, I'm planning to do a proper release this coming weekend:


Thanks, Nir

Hi Nir,

Thanks for the great response. I've just downloaded the build and will be testing. With that in mind, once I've booted it up, that's the way it opened up: http://i.imgur.com/g2UbsGD.png - it's the full real estate of my screen, btw.

(it's with regards to another thread here: http://www.soulseekqt.net/news/node/2840. The workaround seems to be Alt + Green button on the top left corner, to Maximize the app - solves the issue, albeit temporarily, seems that e.g. a new Wishlist tab, when it pops up automatically, triggers the "oversized" window again)

I'll be letting you know if my particular issue has been solved already, however.

Many thanks again!


Hi Nir,

Just to confirm - does the job great, exactly what I had in mind - thanks a lot. Only thing - but depending on how much work would this involve - perhaps would be better to move the buttons above the tabs and have them centered and a bit larger size? This is only for increasing the UX as they now seem to be quite narrow and tightly squeezed between the tabs themselves and where the Wishlist is (for Wishlist searches) or just the border of the field they're contained within for regular searches/chat. Otherwise - absolutely fantastic. Such a relief.

Many thanks,


I don't believe Qt gives you a choice as to the location and size of the buttons unforuntately... The issue with the window becoming oversized with new wishlist tabs persists then?

Yes, unfortunately - there is a workaround though, but manual: resizing of the windows via Alt + Green Light (I think it was Green Light itself, i.e. +/Maximize, up to Yosemite - but they've gone with Toggle Full Screen from the current version on as a default action for the Green Light and Maximize requires pressing Alt key along with the Green Light in top left hand corner).

The scroll works fine, though - so there's that :)