Risky Business

Being between jobs as I currently am, I've had a lot more time than usual to push on a few of the most wanted SoulseekQt features and fixes from the last couple of years that I held off on due to their level of complexity and risk. Seeing as how risky some of these are, I'm posting the new builds here instead of to the download page in hopes that enough of you will try them out and report any problems that pop up, before silence reigns supreme and I feel confident enough to release them into the wild. First, the builds:

[Check the download page for updated links]

Here's what changed:

  • Folders above shared folders should no longer show in search results and on other users' download page. For example, users should see SharedFiles/SomeFolder instead of /Users/MyRealName/SharedFiles/SomeFolder when they receive your search results and download your files. This is the riskiest of the risky changes, as it's implemented by replacing real paths on your end with random codes, and can potentially result in files that won't upload. Worked well in testing though!
  • New setting (which is on by default) allows your client to upload small files (100k maximum, or whatever you set it to) without making the downloader wait in line. Great for transferring small text files containing information about the entire folder. The risk here is that I may have done something to screw up the upload queue code.
  • File transfer code has been majorly cleaned up to minimize multithreaded interaction with sockets and files. This appears to have made one of the most persistently reported crashes on OSX over the last couple of years go away, and there's nothing pointing to the problem being Mac specific, so it could resolve some crashes on Windows as well. Who knows. Hopefully I didn't create any new potential crashes.
  • Old-style table transfer views for those of you who want it. Columns can be re-ordered at will and the new order is memorized between sessions. Lots of changes to overall UI logic.
  • Major code style change to the underlying data management system. It didn't result in any actual improvements or new functionality, and also something might have gone wrong.

Those are the big changes. Small changes include:

  • Fixed a possible crash when removing download entries.
  • Fixed a possible crash related to the top button bar when switching or opening new views.
  • Splitter and column width settings in browsed share and upload views are now memorized.
  • Tree widgets no longer use custom-drawn lines.

Added since the original post:

  • 11/1: Added the oft requested option to set how frequently the client saves its data, under Options->General.

Cheers, Nir


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the first link is for older Soulseek versions.

the second link is for SoulseekQt, more info here: http://www.soulseekqt.net/news/node/2690

thanks brah

Works flawless, thanks!

Not flawless, it will shut down when searching a term that got a lot of finds. For example, I searched for 'rose' and bam, shutdown. Also, when this happens and I reopen, the whole program seems to start all over again from the point to where I first opened it.

You think this has something to do with my mac or with the program?

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Hi there. I need some help. I've been away for a few months and now on a new computer I'm trying to login but I can't. I get this message: "Login failed. The password you supplied does not match your username. Please change your login settings in the Options tab and try reconnecting." I've tried changing my password but nothing is working. Can you get back to me? Thanks. Em

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Hi THere ,I am having same issues is this something to do with Windows 10,not supporting S/S.

Nir Please help I am using W10 and all of a sudden , I can download from all our excellent
community friends , it is in the finished download stage then I right click " clear all finished transfers "I look in say media player , there is nothing there.Also I have used vlc media player and it comes up as an error files are corrupt or something similar.PLEASE HELP THIS HAS BEEN HAPPENING FOR QUITE A WHILE.cHEERS g.