SoulseekQT Public Build 2

I seriously need a break from development, so I figured I'd release what I have so far as public build 2. The biggest change is the addition of user groups; the ability to assign one or more groups to users on your list, and share different folders to each of those groups in your file sharing settings. The client also seems to now be able to return downloadable search results. Everything else is relatively minor:

  • Automatic reconnect to server in case of an unplanned disconnect.
  • Now showing full (reversed) pathname for search results.
  • Fixed a possible case of the client hanging while indexing shared files.
  • Fixed a crash bug related to closing sockets.
  • Other small fixes and UI additions.

Hopefully nothing's gotten worse since the first build, but there's been some major overworking in the area of uploading so new bugs are possible. If anything glaring comes up that wasn't there in the first build I'll update build 2 as soon as possible.

SoulseekQT Public Build




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Thanks Nir, you deserve a break, It looks good and the user groups concept is where it's at. I must say SoulseekQT has taken me a bit to get into, whenever I right or left click on an item and see nothing I always ::facepalm:: because all the option icons are up above. Do you know if QT can handle right/left/middle/whatever clicks, and mouseovers, for menu items?

Thank you, I'm glad you like the user groups feature. Nothing is set in stone as far as the UI is concerned, and Qt can handle all manner of context menus. But the focus right now is really on making everything work under the hood, and it's definitely not there yet. I know what you mean about missing the context menus, it took me some getting used to as well. But I've grown to like the somewhat streamlined feel of picking the object you want to operate on and then selecting what it is that you want to do with it, so I'm leaning towards keeping the action bar and expanding it to do everything else it needs to. As I've said though, nothing is set in stone yet.

Hi Nir
I am regularly using Ubuntu os (11.04). The Soulseek client is Nicotine+. I think that regular Soulseek clients do not see / do not find my files. Soulseek in Wine does not work correcly, so that Nicotine is my only option.
Can you give a hint regarding this?
(user TUTL)

I'm not sure what you're asking, but I'm planning on porting SoulseekQT to Linux at some point. Probably as soon as SoulseekQT becomes reliable enough to use on a regular basis.

Nir Thank You!!! For me is informative!