SoulseekQt-2015-4-21.7z / Nightly Build

The new version of soulseek appears to be a Nightly Build upgrade.
I prefer an exe-file in case you have to reinstall soulseek. Besides there are some bugs in this new Nightly Build; user leijsten already mentioned these problems on this forum.
So yesterday I sent a personal message to Nir to ask him if this is temporary.

Which bugs are you referring to?

See below: message from Peter Leijsten. And besides: When I want to restart the new version I have to restart my PC.

Nir, when I use the latest nightly build and I want to change to the 2015.2.21 build, it's only possible after a computer restart.

Peter Leijsten

And you didn't answered my question if the Nightly Build version is temporary....

Yes, I'm thinking of releasing the nightly builds as release builds soon. I just want to make sure there aren't any critical bugs. Just to make sure I understand, are you not able to close and open the client again to restart it? Or is it only a problem when switching between the nightly and release builds?

Both issues are problems at the moment: so it both concerns opening and closing the client as switching between the nightly and any release build. Peter Leijsten discovered these problems so I tested myself and find out the same he did.
I'm glad that in future you'll continue with release builds; such upgrades have my preference. Is it possible to integrate a message in a future release that there is a new version of soulseek available? That should be a splendid upgrade for soulseek users. And many thanks for all your work during the last years to maintain and improve soulseek!

I retested the problem about closing and restarting the client and also switching between the nightly and release builds. I discovered that there is no problem anymore if you wait about 20 sec. before a restart or a switch.

Peter Leijsten

Nir, Tomorrow'I shall test the Nightly Build again for finding out if there's no problem with both issues when you wait about 20 seconds (see last message of Peter Leijsten)

Yesterday I retested the new version 0f SoulseekQt-2015-4-21-72 Nightly Build and discovered the same results as Peter Leijsten did. Both restarts and switches take such about 20 seconds with the new version. With the SoulseekQt build 2015-1-20 release it takes 6 seconds to switch or to restart. That's a remarkable difference.

so where they gone, ? having latest 2015-04-22 nightly, any newer one, while .dmg seems to be some newer out/avail?

sha1: 1F131A22ECD7DFA33841A9CA9916947F9DCEF179

runs not bad

the speed is generally higher but he goes up and down. he isn't stable. down and up speed are infected.
The wings in user list are always open.

what happenend to the latest nightlies? normally every 2-3weeks a fresh dropbox nightly is avail, so now the latest is 2015-02 GA release , cant figure out

I took them offline until I got a chance to verify the whole bitcoin miner business. It's definitely a false positive, and linked against the new Qt 5.4.2 it's no longer being flagged. I posted updated builds to the sidebar.