Socket Error!

Ive been using SoulseekQt for quite some time. Currently on build 2013.3.18 and it works great. Suddenly out of the blue i get "Login failed. Reported failure reason: socket error. Please change your login settings in the Options tab and try reconnecting." Ive tried damn near everything, is my ISP blocking soulseek server? Ive tried another client and still no-go. Any help would be great :)

Probably from when the server went offline a few days ago :)

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and when the server'll come back online? I've the same problem too.

The server is online, if you can't connect there's something else going on.

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I wrote you a PM. Mine, it's the usual socket error: I can't fix it changing username and password.
I would be happy if you can check with Team viewer.
I'm a loyal user of slsk from 4 years and I don't want to stop using it now. :-)

I can't log on and I get message: socket error

Please help. have tried changing ports etx? LOST

i'm also having the same problem,is there a solution?

had the same problem and then i've noticed in firewall advanced settings my "outbound rule" for soulseekQT was missing! i've created one. funny thing, my "inbound rule" was ok. so, go to (outbound or inbound rule or both) ::NEW RULE > PROGRAM > than browse for slskqt.exe > choose ALLOW CON > name it:: hope it helps :)