FREEZING on Mac osx Mavericks: TOO MANY shared files or HD issues?

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hello MAC users and admins,

I am experiencing continuous freezing issues of the client (both the regular AND the 2015-6-12), although my port forwarding is correct (I test it repeatedly and get the OK result from the client).
There are, to my mind, two things that might be causing the problem:
1) too many shared files: i share ±160000 files.
2) i am using a new external hard disk (portable Seagate 2TB). Before this one i was using an old WD My Book hard disk and everything was fine, but i was sharing much less stuff. Note that my hard disk(s) are formatted in ExFat.

I would really appreciate any tips. I share the bulk of my stuff with "everyone", and a couple of folders with "friends". Solving the problem will mean a better service to my downloaders too.

mac book pro
processor 2.53 ghz intel core i5
memory 8gb 1067 mhz ddr3

THANK YOU in advance!
invisible man (a.k.a. alexis)

ps: have been active since 2006.

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So, since nobody bothered to offer any tips or ideas, i messed around a little myself.
I found something interesting: if you increase the "save client data" rate, there is some improvement. I have now set it to 20 mins (it was ±5, can't remember exactly).
It doesn't solve the problem entirely, but the improvement seems to be significant. Should i further increase the time parameter?

In the hope of having helped other mac users with the same problem,
yours soulseekfully,
invisible man, Phd mp3 Drflac.

Yeah, that makes sense. With that number of files shared it must take a very long time for the client to save its data. If the client isn't crashing for you, you can safely up that to once an hour or more. The client will always save its data when it exits.

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Very glad for your comment, Nir.
I will proceed to adjust the rate. And, no, no crashes yet, not with this client (unlike SSX years ago).
As for the number of shares, there are some users on my list (since years) that share more than double of what I share. I bet they are using the Windows client, but how do they manage without any problems?

Thanks again for your time!