When i do search internet is gone...

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I don't know why but it happen only Soulseek. When i do search all internet is gone. I mean phone, other PC's internet gone too. I opened port on my router also i tried it without open port. I'm using Windows 7...

what Router are you using? Sounds like it's overloaded and starts packet dropping & Service denial (DoS). For every packet that's forwarded your router needs to remind himself (RAM) to accept maybe a followup (very simple said). After some time it drops those tables and get the RAM back. Cheap (=all by default ISP delivered Routers are the cheapest stuff off the rack) ones have just enough RAM to be able to do their minimum jobs. Esp. in times when every Router is used as CIFS, uPNP, .... Server as well. If you have a decent Router U should be able to see how much memory it still have freely available. Every Search triggers 1000s of users to send you their search tables.
Very good routers are cisco or some buffalo (with dd-wrt on it). There are a lot of alternative OS for the routers available (e.g. tomato) which where created for transparency and stability instead of feature rich "nodoers".
If you have a few friends who could lend you some routers to test (another old PC with two NICs is of course a big, but fine solution as well) you will surely have a stable solution at hand.

Hey guys. I've been using Soulseek for a long time now and it's only the latest releases that I've experienced this issue. When I search, my whole network goes down and my router reboots!? My router admittedly isn't the latest and greatest (Netgear WNDR3700 v2), but it has the latest DD-WRT firmware and 40MB or RAM available at any given time and would think it would be able to handle whatever SoulseekQT could throw at it.

It's really odd that this has only begun in the latest releases. Are there ways to download earlier versions of slskQT? Or a way to manually limit the amount requests made by slsk?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Edit - I'm using Build 2015-8-3, same issue using 2015-6-12. I've also limited search results to 5000 from 10000.

Looking back at an older thread (http://www.soulseekqt.net/news/node/601) could be time to invest in a new router. It seems that my router just cannot handle all the TCP connections created from a search term

HI diskogavatron
dd-wrt is quite capable and open to truth, but depending on what plugins U use the RAM/CPU Power is very important. When U have enabled SNMP, your router will broadcast overloads. When U limit search results, it doesn't control the packets coming in but the displayed info only. I experienced on an raspberry (bananaPi to be exact) and thanks to the big CPU and a second 1GBit card, I have been able to transfer 300MBit/s in routing mode (=>200.000 packets per sec which is impressive) using the payable dd-wrt pro. If you took a modern (not the older mips based, but arm) modell U are surely rid of such flood problems.

Hey sammy
Thanks for posting your reply. I went ahead and restored the firmware back to Netgear's latest (V1.0.1.14) and lo and behold, Soulseek no longer kills my network, saving me shelling out money for a new router. Maybe it was a particular setting in dd-wrt that just wasn't jumping out at me that I needed to change. But hey I'm not going to complain. Thanks again for your input!

I second that. Sammy you're doing a doggone good job here, dude. Well Nir knows me; I was able to help a lot with technical issues in the past several times, and not always trivial ones; but against you, I cannot compete with all that sophisticated router detail gibberish, LOL. You do sound pretty knowledgeable, though. Keep that up.

Hi diskogavatron
good to know. Not all modells are the same supported. If you enable syslogd (and collect it) then you could trace such overflows. Thanks to the open nature of wrt it does not try to hide such incidents. Some Builds of dd-wrt are quite unstable (like a lot of the 21xyz builds, where sshd does not work at all), unsecure (anything above 19xyz and below 24xyz, due to heartbleed). Kong at dd-wrt is quite famous for his clean Netgear Builds; I'm happy with my bananaPi Version and the pro Version (I'm using build 27805) offers a lot when you have enough FLASH (mine has 8GB), RAM and CPU. So investing 90EUR into this was worth it, but if you can fix a problem for free it's perfect :-)

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Tell me something about Single band and Dual band.

Hi ednashirley
U mean Single Band and DB Router WLAN options?