Domain Certificate problems

Edit: Should be all good now. Looks like we had to install certificates for our CA (certificate authority) in addition to our own.

If you're getting a security warning in your browser when trying to get to the Donate page, please stand by. It looks like we installed our new domain certificate incorrectly. We're working to fix it now.

Thanks, Nir


Um, yes....

Depends on your web server (for how you do it), but you need a complete chain of certificate files. Been there a few times....

Yeah, I'm new to this :)

When I tried to pay, I got this error (I clicked on the "Support Soulseek" inside the program):

Then I tried again from your Donate page which still had the PayPal button next to it. I tried again, and then it said that the "merchant was not set up and payment can not be processed".

Anyway I can donate?

Hey flyer,

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to receive donations via Paypal. How did you get to the page that had the Paypal button on it? Was it through the Donate link in the sidebar?

I've looked up your original donation attempt. According to Stripe your card was declined, but we're seeing a number of other charges that were declined over the week for no apparent reason. We'll contact Stripe and see if they can provide us with any more information. There's also this Stripe page that explains why a card may be declined:

We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your support!

Never heard of 'Stripe'. Nothing wrong with PayPal. Might be a while before I donate again.

PayPal cut us off after fourteen years of working together for being a file-sharing network. Stripe are smaller, but reputable and very reliable. You can see on their website they're working with a lot of big sites like Kickstarter, Pinterest and Lyft.

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I'm trying to donate but I only get this message
"You are attempting to donate $5 under the username: bentspanner"
and then nothing more happens...

Are you not seeing the "Donate using Stripe" button? What browser/OS are you using?