Could someone help me connect back to soulseek?

I haven't been able to connect to soulseek for over 2 weeks now. Everyone on here just seems to ignore my messages and not help. I don't know what to do. I tried everything checked my firewall, I don't know how to port forward I can't get on the server. Could someone help?

I think last time we fixed this by clearing the IP ban cache. If your ISP is making you share an IP with other users, the system will ban it to prevent abuse (in case a user is trying to log in using multiple accounts.) If that's the case, this will just keep happening...

Ok so how do I fix it? I've been a a user of soulseek since 2002 and never tried to share my IP ever while being on here. Could you help me get back on Soulseek is my life.

Hi Evulclef
that's something Nir has to initialize. This "Shared IP" Thing is nothing you could influence directly (but by changing your ISP). Some ISPs (like antics or most 2G/3G/4G mobile Providers) use it to minimize the IP's used (=bought as IP Range which means costs). SLSK hosting structure detects it as abuse (one user is tricking the SLSK by using more than one instance) and blocks your current IP.
I think Nir is already on it. Have U tried it in the meantime?

I'm using the latest slsk on windows (2015.06). Could this connection problem also strike after a few days without incident? My client is always on but after some time it gets red and is not connected anymore. It's not a problem with login data as I can connect from another computer in the same net. Maybe some windows (7) limitation hitting? Number of ports/connections? After a restart it usually works again for some time.

it's surely no Windows limitation as M$ has not yet infiltrated the TCP/IP limitation. When your IP changes in the Inet, such IP Blocks "wander around". Nir is the only one who could look into the blocking tables, WHEN he has one of your IPs used when U were blocked (no SLSK connect possible).