Aborted all files? Ports are open


Just reinstalled OS Win 8.1. All files are aborting. Ports are open on 50083,50084 and port checker says it's configured correctly. Firewall is off on router & I've added firewall to Os.
Never had this problem ever.
Any ideas? Mush obliged

Hi faircity
if U like I'd start up my SLSK client and we try it (I stopped using SLSK three month ago). Have U enabled your extended Log?
Have U started SLSK as Admin? Else U have no right to store datas apart from your home directory.

Sorry what ??

Hi faircity
a) enable the extended Log so U see what the SLSK engine sees
b) have started the SLSK exe as Admin (so U are priviledged at all to ask for port priviledge and store data where U defined it); the UAC (since Vista) could be simply disabled, and after a reinstall it's enabled by default
c) if you want we could do a challenge/response test (U DL something from me and we compare the log messages).

[Sun Dec 13 18:57:16 2015] Attempting connection on port 2445. trying to connect to you

Maybe you can add me. I've tried all of the above. UAC is disabled anything cos it's annoying at fuk

OK, we can try in the evening; I'll reply then when I'm ready


OK try to search for this:
I'll be online for the next 6h or so

Disabling UAC helps a lot when it comes to elemental functions; when U DL (or try to) I can see U, browse U and try to DL anything from you; so we see what UL/DL is saying

Ok so installed the older ver SS.NS and changed the port to same as QT and it's working. Also tried out Nicotine + and working also. Very confused. I started everything from scratch. Going to try now on another system. If only i could change the port address in SL.qt

So i tried it on an older laptop and it's working. Somehow I'm blocked on this win 8.1

of course U can change the port in QT under Config (the "change listening port" button is needed, not the field witthe port number)
U could also try to rename the slsk....exe file to something else and start it (config is lost then, but easy to adapt).
OK so the trial is not needed; I'll shutdown my SLSK again :-)