Unable to Login Reason Socket failure!

Hi, Have iused SLSK since it started and I am a regular donator!
For some reason I can't login anymore due to this....
"soulseek login failed reported failre reason socket error"
I have tried everything, changing names, passwords!
Dont understand what has happened. My Credit is dwindling down which isn't fair!
I noticed you have cleared the IP ban cache, has that caused this issue.
Please help

Unfortunately I'm experiencing the same error, on a Windows machine, for quite some while. Is this a known bug?

I've enabled UPNP on my Modem, but still no luck...

it's not anything I personally experienced before, but I guess you are using Windows with uPNP in SLSK active: disable it and forward the ports manually and retry.

Hi Sam, thanks for your response. Apparently my SLSK-client wasn't configured correctly. I had enabled uPNP on my modem, but at SLSK it was greyed out. Enabled it and it did the trick! Very happy person here...