How do I increase Max DL and Max UL speeds?

Hello. I am new to the site and have downloaded build version 2015.2.21

Initially, I have been told that the older builds allowed one to increase their D/L & U/L speeds by using a Max D/L & Max U/L button. My build doesn't appear to have those installed. So how can I increase speeds? Please be aware that I am in NO way tech savvy and don't understand computer jargon, so please respond with my ignorance in mind (LOL).

Thanks in advance for any help.

FAQ: Peer2Peer Systems are quite simple: what goes into the SLSK Net comes back (to anyone).
The DL or UL Limitation is a short box in the UL/DL box (buttom line). I'm not sure how anyone could get more when you give less. Maybe your router is more the limitation. Old routers could not cope with the packet flood sometimes provided by typ. P2P Systems (torrent is very keen on this), but any recent router should cope with more than 10.000 packets per second without running out of CPU/RAM (in the router). With no Limit set it takes anything that's offered and gives anything that your INet line allows.