Installation bug/crash

Hello, I've been using Slsk for years & years without any pb, but I can't install the recent slsk 2016.1.17 version . More exactly, i do install it, but can't launch it (no message, nothing, just launching the exe doesn't do anything). I've got an SSD but tried to install it on my basic hardware (and i do not think there's any pb here, my PC is just fine for anything else). Anybody else has got this pb ?

Might have something to do with the new Inno installer. Do you see SoulseekQt.exe under C:\Program Files (x86)\SoulseekQt? If so, what happens when you run it directly from explorer?

SlskQT.exe is under D:\Program Files (x86)\SoulseekQt (C: is my SSD drive). I manage to launch it but only by re-starting my PC (it only works if it's the first program I launch). I'm on Windows 7.

Is it possible the SoulseekQt icon is in the hidden part of your tray?

Yes, you're correct! Thank you !