Uploading for a user start and stop continuously

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Hi, I have a trouble with the sharing of a file with an user, it start and stop without end.
The rest of the folder is uploaded without any problem but this file doesn't want.
I look in my folder but doesn't notify anything wrong and I ask the user but he don't ask to me.
Do yu know what's the trouble, is it my file, me, the other user?
Thanks for the help.

there are a few things that (when other files work with his client) might prevent UL/DL in general:
a) Filename; there are some charsets not supported yet. Lots of slavic chars cause that, while others work perfectly
b) filenamelength; SLSK cannot start/receive long file names (folder+name smaller than 250 character); for my love to classic that's a big Problem
The easiest way to find out is going to a forum, ask someone who's willing to try DL it and see.