How to find people and download their files?

I'm a new soulseek user and i want to know how to find people and download some files.

Hi thejohnfan
Search for a user called Leijsten. He's got a good hand-on Guide to SLSK in his share.
Basically "Search" is like any search engine (e.g. google) put in your words and it searches and displays for you.

Thios is something I've been wondering about since ages: how the heck do you look for /search users...?
You mean put username in the search field? Can't figure it out, nothing's working for me sorry

Hi Conte Zero
yes that's the way. You could even limit the search four users when you pull down the filter option "Search Target". Another way is to add a user via the "User's" tab and add a name via that. As not everyone's a 24/7 you could add the option "notify if user goes online" so U get info when to search.
Leijsten got a really good HowTo Manual to SLSKqt. Read it :-)

Damn, has it always been there ? (Im using SoulseekQT)
My word, I noticed it TODAY after 3 years, for the first time!
Gonna try it out, thank you, will eventually post my impressions

Yep since I know SLSKqt (which is not soooo long....). There are a lot of "hidden" features. As mentioned Leijsten took already care of by providing a good manual. As SLSK (no matter if NS or Qt) is a product of need it's constantly refined and trimmed to the need. Nir's surely fully occupied by just keeping the three platforms (Win+Linux+OSX) in shape.