Program stops downloading after one file.

Hey guys, i'm having a bit of a trouble with Soulseek; which makes the program stop downloading the next queued file and i'm stuck in an infinite wait until i close and re-open it (which makes the download start again, but it happens again). Any way to fix this? It doesn't happen all the time but it bothers me.


Hi Symphony
does the (web) Port Checker says everything's fine? What SLSKqt Version you are using and under what OS?

Hey sammy, Port Checker says: "Port: 63846/tcp open. Your router and Soulseek client is configured correctly." I'm running the latest version (2016-4-24) on Windows 7 x64.

I got an album yesterday and the download went smoothly, but i realized too that people trying to get stuff from me get insta-abort if i can't download properly.


Hi Symphony
did the second port (=two websites are opened when you do a check); in your case 63847 tell you open as well?
It's quite usual that a lot of SLSK users have their ports NOT open. That's bad for search and downloads (which needs them to be open for every case SLSK was build to). A lot of things are OK even with closed ports but UL/DL is very limited then if even possible.
You could write them (the failed ones) to check their config as well, but that's a lot of honey for not reading the manual AND deploying what's needed.
If you like we could do a check of your/mine UL/DL possibilities if you want (which any of the full configured SLSK community could do) but that's just proving the web check to be fully OK.

Remember that the SLSK protocol is unencrypted and very easy traceable and therefor easy to block by ISPs (which is quite unusual, but every ISP is allowed to do such resctrictions without noticing)

Hi sammy!

Sorry, that was the second page that opened (My listening port is 63845 and the obfuscated one is 63486, both open!) so i have no idea what is going on. My searchs are OK and i've never had troubles with opening ports or downloading stuff from SLSK until a few weeks).

My ISP is not fully on blocking torrent/p2p sites (The only restriction we've had was from TPB, i'm from Argentina) so i don't know what the problem might be :/

Another problem i'm having atm is that if i search something that might have a lot of results (Like i.e searching The Beatles) causes my computer to crash in a BSOD associated with BAD_POOL_HEADER and pointing out ntoskrnl.exe (but i believe this has something to do with my PC specs since it's a little old). Anyways, this second problem doesn't bother that much since i do very accurate searches; i want to get the download thing solved first.

Awaiting responses, cheers!

Hi Symphony
OK, so IP connect (should) work as everything is set up fine.
As mentioned we could do a "I DL from you and you DL from me" checkout, just to see what the logs tell about the transfer (you have to enable the extensive logging first and restart SLSK).
BAD_POOL_HEADER is a quite wide area error of windows, pointing to wrong addresses were it (driver, hardware, OS) jumps and is trapped.
As usual for any OS: do a filesystemcheck (chkdsk /f c:/d:/e:... under windows) to limit filesystem problems. As you receive it while receiving floods of (inet)packets it points more to a bad driver (mostly WLAN) of your LAN card or a firewall in between which crashes due to buffer overflows (=flood). Even on my older machines (Pentium 400MHz class) SLSKqt runs errorless, but slower when I do scrolling due to very low CPU power.

Yosemite is buggy, just like iOS 8. Im as big a evangelist as anyone, but Apple software has been buggy and riddled with unique performance issues lately.

Hi willieaames
Symphony stated quite early to be on Win7x64. I've heard about OSX problems since a lot of things changed (e.g. SMBX) in 10.5+ and not for the good.