SLSK Records

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So, found one CD of SLSK Records online, the
Various - One Minute Massacre Volume 1 (CD)

Were the any more physical copies made or only mp3's?

Still my favourite track of them all are Cen Art and the track:
Essell Daydream wonder where he/she went?

There are also a couple of unofficial collections out there: SlSK Sidetracks (think they are about 30 albums) and a Green Room Recordings + AGRP Radio Recordings...(unofficial SLSK radio)

Keep up the good community...

Hi roomx
it's beyond my timeline when Soulseek published artists work via the electronic way. I read about it and found it a good way for some unknown artists/musicians/bands to get into the public=> cheap, direct connect to the artists/audience, a perfect demoscopic place to get a feel of the market. Afair it was not longer possible, don't ask me why. I got a lot of 1990's sampler which were crude but contains a lot of great works on it. SLSK is (imho) exactly to keep such stuff alive=>the soul of the feeling/musician at that time.

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Yeah. That is the point. Funny thing is that Musicbrainz still have the working FTP-link up:

Thank goodness about old time ftp :-)
Funny thing about my prefered style (classic) is that there are always hundreds of recordings (and my hearing is not good enough to hear a difference of Bernstein or Karajan for the same piece of music), but small artists could (have to) use youtube (which is crap from the audio level) to get published and perished in the same instance.

@Nir: do you remember why SLSK Rec. was stopped at that time?


You'll have to ask Ortali, she was managing the whole thing :) I'll ask her to weigh in.