Mysterious problem since VPN use

Hi folks,

There's one user who I regularly download music from without problem and have done for a long time. Recently, while downloading from this user, I connected to a VPN (I live in Germany; the VPN has a UK IP) to watch a TV show, forgetting that Soulseek was running, and my downloads with this user were halted. When I disconnected from the VPN shortly afterwards, my downloads wouldn't restart.

Now, it's days later, my ports are both open, and I've restarted my PC and my broadband multiple times (I switch both off in the evening before I go to bed), and I still can't download from this user. I'm not banned, and I can still download from other users.

Does anyone know what the problem might be?

Same issue happened to me earlier when i connected to german vpn listed below.

VPN is incompatible with SLSKqt, as you cannot use a proxy nor without forwarded ports (which would be very unusual for VPN).
What does your SLSK (Web) Port Checker report of your two forwarded ports?