Import/Export Wishlist and/or Friend List from Soulseek NS 137e?

I just built a computer and trying to transfer this soulseek client over to my new computer. Any ideas where the wishlist log is stored?

SLSK NS was abandoned more than six years ago and no longer supported.
This forum is for SoulseekQt only. As both use different servers there's no way to export/import anything as there's no way both systems could interact.

I found a way to export everything. All you need to do is find the registry entry for soulseek, export the entry and copy it to the other computer. I am curious, do both NS and QT use the same server?

SLSK does not use the registry (as those are not present under linux/OSX), so it uses under all OS config files with binary implement.
As already stated: "As both use different servers there's no way to export/import anything as there's no way both systems could interact"
So user A in NS is not User A in Qt; same is for files.

Hi thedeadinme
Again: this (might) works for NS, NOT for the QT as it does not use the registry as there is no registry in any other OS it supports, so config files were used instead. As NS was long time aborted and declines steadily since then an upgrade would be advised :-)

My question was for NS. Also how many people are in the most popular chat room? This is how I could tell how popular soulseek was in the past. I am old school and like the look and know NS inside and out.

this forum is Qt only, as NS was abandoned long time ago. As soon as Nir see's no need for NS anymore he will shut down the servers as well as they just cost money. Maybe some other forum is dedicated to SLSK NS? This one is Qt (hence the URL

You do know NS & QT are on the same server. I dont know why you think NS will be shut down. They would have to shut down all the servers. Before I found a solution on my own since I am a network admin, I thought maybe I could come here for a solution. I refuse to argue with someone who makes false claims. Educate yourself brother.

Hi thedeadinme
they are not on the same server; behind der firewall a few servers work on the same IP, but different ports (and if you know NATing then you know that every port could mean at least one server to do the failover and load balancing). When you do a search on NS no QT material is found, same goes to Users, that's why I claimed export/import (from NS to Qt) makes no sense. Same goes to the NS: this is a Qt forum. NS and Qt uses the same protocol and came from the same developer. That's all common elements afaik of.
How long NS will stay alive is alone Nir's decision, but at it is abandoned now for six years +. But you are surely right: it's Nir's decision what happens to NS as they are his servers.

Hi sammy123,

You are wrong here. They do connect to the same server. I think you are confusing the very old 157c (or whatever it was) version with NS. Those did connect to different servers if my memory is correct. 157c's server was eventually shut down and those users were forced to upgrade to NS.

Nir has stated it on these very forums in the past:

"SoulseekQt and Soulseek NS connect to the same server."

I would doubt that Nir has any plans on shutting down NS anytime soon, even though it's no longer being developed. Some people just prefer the simpler look of NS.

-Soulseek Historian

I don't remember the time or thread but afair I wrote with Nir about that. Same server might be (just as the other way round) depending on the workload/capacity) but different database as I remember; the thread at that time was the total different search results in Qt and NS. With different DBs it would explain it, but I've written in a few thousand threads so far I'm unable to find it again. Just as you can have NS and Qt running on the same client concurrently two server threads (or much more as Qt offers to use about 50 different (server) ports there have to be a lot of DB instances running concurrently).
But thanks for the correction and the original thread, which should help thedeadinme to find the info's he asked for.

I actually answered my own question. I found a way to transfer the entries over from my old pc to my new one. I also am running both versions concurrently and find I get the exact same results when doing a search which tells me they are running on the same server. If there were 2 different servers, I would get 2 different results. It would be more costly to have 2 servers so that is why Nir kept NS.