Soulseek downloads immediately "Aborted" need this explained to me like I am a child

I have not made any changes to my MAC or its programs. My soulseek started aborting every download and continues to do so. My port status has failed when i checked it with the tcp port status tool. I am a novice at best and truly don't know what i can do to fix it. I've tried reading through the forums but sadly can't understand a lot of whats said. i appreciate any help or insight that can be thrown my way.

Hi Frank
have you forwarded your used ports to your machine? I'm currently working on a HowTo, but as every router is different in appearance that does not help the inexperienced. Peer-2-Peer Applications like SLSK are a Server and a client at the same time (so sharing and getting).
I'd advise someone who's used to routers. The config in your mac is straightforward and the same as under all OSes alike. But the webbased Port Checker needs to say OK, else your client is experiencing problems.

i'm having exactly the same problem. I've used soulseek for years and this week its aborting very download. It looks like they're gif to start although they all come up with the same kbs - either 92 or 45, then drop top 2.0 then abort. Please Help! I too am router/network illiterate!

Hi Davesater
I'm currently working on a Router FAQ, but surely your specific router is not demonstrated there. If you have not forwarded the ports SLSK cannot work correctly just as any P2P program would not. Easiest way is to ask someone in your neighborhood or a local computer shop/club to help you on that point. If it's not done correctly any PC reboot or Firmware update in your Router could make the fix invalid.
As Frank hasn't answered I guess his problem was solved with correct forwarding.

Still not working. How can it work one day and not the next.

i can't figure it out. i seriously have no idea what happened or how to rectify it. one day it worked the next it didn't.

The why is hard to describe when you could only guess. uPnP is a nice method (even when working only in a few cases) which explains such a changing behavior. Again: what does the Web port check say when triggered in SLSKqt? Have you read your router manual about port forwarding? Have you asked a local computer shop where you bought the router or the support forum of the router how port forwarding is configured in your router?

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1. Disk fault: Change your hard drive for the incoming folder, and do a "check and repair disk" on the original disk.

2. Other reason could be that your incoming disk is full.

I have the same problem. For years I used uPnP and it worked. In recent days there is this problem.

I tried to set Port Forwarding in the web router interface, but it does nothing. Check through SoulSeek client identifies them as closed. I have no experience in this, so I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Is the problem that I have DHCP? I don't know how to set up Static IP, though.

When I do port check from SoulSeek, it lists my public IP. But in my router (D-LINK DIR-600) interface it only allows me to use my internal IP in the "Port Forwarding" menu. When I try to enter my public IP, it says: "(internal IP) says: Invalid host IP address". What can I do with that?

uPnP works with old SoulSeekNS, though.