Can't login - Please help

I have been using Soulseek for years, but first time I have this problem.

I had the username "Volmineux" for years. But last week, I could not login for a week. I downloaded the last Slsk version but nothing helped.

At first when I was connecting, nothing was happening (no message) but the soulseek bird was remaining in brown colour (sometimes it was turning blue but not for long and I could not enter a room for instance).

So I decided this morning, to create another login, now my username is "Cha Er Fang".

I then launched Soulseek and to my good surprise, I was connected, could enter rooms, and could see other users online (in my user list), I even could browse user's files.

Unfortunately it was only possible 5 minutes.

Now, again same problem. Can't login, and now I have this message:

Login failed. Reported failure reason: socket error. Please change your login settings in the Options tab and try reconnecting.

Anyone willing to help? Would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

Hi Cha Er Fang
as I have no access to the user database I'd not look into the details. What happened first is quite easy to explain: when you do not use your account for a longer period (weeks) it's deleted to keep the database clean and when another one chose to use the username it's his. Why this happens while you are logged in is beyond my understanding (apart from being deleted/banned by Nir's team for some reason).
Best way is to use again a new username....