I'm getting the "it looks like you're not sharing any files" message but I am sharing files.

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The problem is that I am sharing files. I am sharing every single available music folder that I own and I'm still getting this message. It's starting to worry me because I don't want to get banned from good uploaders.

Are you sharing your files publicly or privately?

I don't know what to do I am sharing files and i continue to get this message."it looks like you're not sharing any files."

Hi jazzmann1
what do you see in a chat when you browse yourself? Have you refreshed (Options-File sharing-Refresh) your share in the last time? SLSK does no update until you say it to do so. So any changes in the background are hidden for SLSK

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I'm also having the same problem. I have a lot of files in the shared folder but always get the warning. Sammy do you mean RESCAN Files? I don't see a REFRESH button. Also ,sorry to be thick but, how do I browse myself. When I click BROWSE I get a blank screen that doesn't respond. Thanks

Hi wrexony
yes rescan is the right function as it refreshes your share (and revives your broweserverpart). The easiest way to brwose yourself is having yourself on your userlist, then right click and select browse user files.