Public Build 6: Threaded file transfer, stored size settings

The big change this time around, in response to the many problems the client had uploading files on Mac and Linux, is a complete shift of the file-transfer system from relying on Qt's single-threaded event model for handling socket communication to a multi-threaded, one-thread-per-transfer model. This went a long way toward simplifying things, and had the unexpected effect of greatly improving download and upload speeds on all platforms when the bandwidth capacity is there. As usual, and although my own tests yielded very good results, where old problems go away due to a complete redesign, new problems may pop up.

Secondly, several of you have been asking for the client to memorize size settings. This is a necessity especially on Mac and Linux, where the default Qt font is bigger, and the contents of UI containers such as splitters and list columns may have to be resized every session anew. Public Build 6 remembers the size and position of the main window, and all splitter positions and list column sizes (barring any ones I may have overlooked.)

Builds are available on the download page for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Cheers, Nir


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Guys! With this build I start to see that kind of message and nothing more at all.

How to solve that?

Does this happen as soon as you start the client? If not, this is likely due to the changes to the file transfer system, I suggest you try the new nightly build I just posted to the download page. If that doesn't work, you can either just revert to the last version that worked for you (probably nightly build 7/10/2011) and wait for a fix, or try to create a crash report yourself by following the instructions in this discussion, although I'll be honest, I've seen that type of error message before, and they don't usually generate a crash report.

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Yap! I've re-download SoulseekQT nightly build 7/6/2011 for Windows and replace Public Build 6 files and still the same message - this is first time with me = i've setup all previous versions and everything vas perfect but not now.

Maybe is something wrong with my windows 7? But everything was fine before Build 6. Any ideas how to fix that?

You can try deleting c:\soulseek-client.dat (or moving it somewhere safe), this will wipe out your client configuration in case there's a setting that's messing with your client somehow. Other than that, like I said, you can either try to generate a crash report, or use an older version until a possible fix arrives.

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Yeah - deleting data is work for me! Thanks!
Now = any ideas how to extract my dowload list from that data?

I'm glad to hear it works, thank you for letting me know.

There's no easy way to extract your download information and make sure it's still compatible with the latest version. The client is under heavy development right now and things change all the time, sorry.

Amazing! Keep up the hard work.

Thanks Phil!

I just noticed that my completed downloads don't move to the 'complete' folder.

See last night's build on the download page. Unless you're using last night's build, in which case we have a problem :)

Cool, I'll grab the latest.