User group download prioritization

New in tonight's build, the ability to prioritize the download order of users in specific groups, for those of you who want finer-grained control over their upload queue. By default all user groups are awarded a download priority of 0, which means the downloads of users in that group won't be processed in any special order. Raise it to 1 however by means of clicking the 'Configure User Groups' button at your User List tab, and your client will process their downloads before all but those in groups with even higher priorities. A user who is in more than one group will be given the priority of their highest-ranked group. See the download page for Windows, Mac and Linux builds.


Nice work Nir. This is great for control of 'User Group' shares. This gives our user lists and user groups some privileges.

I don't know why I care. I wish I would ignore my public uploads, however, I get pissed when I see one user has queued 200 downloads.

I need empowered to communicate to this person that 20 files at one time is enough.

If someone attempts to download that much data from me, I wonder why they don't find a torrent.

Thanks again for the hard work and long hours you have spent on this project.

Thank you. I get pretty irritated when someone queues a whole bunch of folders too. I'll probably end up allowing both the rotation and limitation of downloads per user as separate options eventually.

I've been on both sides of this, and I have to say... There are decent reasons for massive queues, annoying as they may be.

1) It can be hard, tracking down rarities, at decent encoding rates
2) Sometimes your external goes up in flames and suddenly 250gb of music is gone in an instant

I primarily try to use massive queuing as a means of bookmarking what I want to DL. But, up to this point, I've only used ssX (yes, I'm DLing the most recent build right now--thanks for the Qt port, very exciting!) and when you quit ssX, unqueued downloads are purged (no persistance).

Adding an option for queue management could help mitigate this issue (ie client side option, where they selects X files to DL, but the client only queues N at a time)... On the other hand, does it really matter? If you have round robin queuing, where user downloads N MB and is then put at the end of the queue, isn't an individual's queue size moot?