Wish list, Unicode chat/bugfix

Not much to tonight's build. The wish list feature has been a long time a-coming, and so here it is. There was nothing stopping me from throwing together a quick hack to make wish list searches work on top of regular searches (or so I thought), but I wanted to provide a little something extra, as I try to do with all original client features I have to re-implement. Just getting the basics to work turned out to be more complicated than I had expected. The mechanism in place was not set up to process multiple search requests in the same window, was not set up to recognize duplicate search results. The underlying data system really came through in handling the added complexity however, as it usually does. As for the something extra, the biggest improvement is that you can now disable wish list searches you do not wish to receive results for without removing them from the list, and re-enable them again later on. Searches can now be directly added to your wish list when their results are in view (and can in fact only be added that way), and removed in similar fashion when wish list results are in view instead, as well as manually.

In the area of Unicode, a feature addition and an important fix. Private and room chat now both support UTF8, which should allow you to use any language you wish provided anyone on the tin can at the other end of the string is using SoulseekQt as well, or otherwise bombard them with quirky, but indecipherable extended ASCII characters. Fixwise, folders with Unicode names were not being shared properly, and their contents not accessible for browsing, searching and downloading, as they now should be. Thanks to user Alpha for pointing that one out.

Builds for you know what on the you know where.

Cheers, Nir


Thanks for all the recent improvements nir !

i know i'm boring but i'm still trying to figure a way to import my old friends list in slskqt.
any suggestions ?

thanks again !

I was thinking about it just this morning. I'd imagine not being able to manually add their friends may be holding a lot of people back from switching to SoulseekQt, so I'm planning on making the feature available very soon. Would that satisfactorily address your problem?

that would be just perfect !!

Here you go, I want to do a proper release of this, but I don't have it in me right now to do builds for all three platforms. Apologies in advance if you're not on Windows, I'll get the Mac and Linux builds ready within the next day.

Thanks, Nir

thanks again Nir , works perfect for me !

Nir, thankyou for your work. May I make a suggestion - being a Mac user, I find when I do a search, the results will keep loading indefinitely especially if it is a popular name, and it is difficult to click on the desired files to download because they keep moving.

I can see three possible solutions but none of them are ideal. Either 1. not sort the results off the bat as with the old client, but it'd be a shame to lose the default sorting of fastest/slots available when the alternative is just to wait a little while and have the best download options at the top. 2. Let the user pause the addition of new results, which doesn't sound very intuitive, and still has you play catch-up with the results you want or 3. Make sure a selected search result remains in view, but has the same caveats as 2 as you have to select a result first.

You can always add your proposed solution as a feature request (using the Add content link on the sidebar) so that users can discuss it and vote on it.

Thanks, Nir