Nightly Build 9/13/2011

Not enough for a full-blown announcement, too much for a one-line description on the download page. It was 9/13 when I started, I swear.

  • Clear complete downloads, Clear complete/aborted uploads checkboxes are now available in the transfers view. Completed downloads should be cleared as soon as they finish, whereas complete/aborted uploads take about five minutes to clear, to maintain the downloader's place in line should they retry the upload.
  • Total progress bar is now shown on the folder row instead of the user row when there is only one folder entry for that user. This is to help differentiate between the last transfer of one user and the first transfer of the next user on the list.
  • Transfer speed is now shown on user or folder rows if they are collapsed.
  • Colors corresponding with transfer statuses should not be reset when user or folder rows are collapsed or expanded.
  • The contents of subfolders inside of folders set to download in a user's shared files view should now be downloaded as well.
  • Peer messages should now not be lost when direct and indirect connection attempts to the same user succeed almost simultaneously.
  • Peer connections should now close after two minutes of inactivity.
  • Browsing a user's shared files when a view of their shared files is already available just sets focus to said view, instead of opening a second one.
  • Having undismissed event notification buttons when exiting the client should no longer cause a crash.

Windows, Mac and Linux builds available on the download page.

Cheers, Nir