Nightly Build 11/28/2011

Small update this time around. The biggest news is probably that the Windows version finally has a proper installer! Other than that a few small additions, including a couple of long-requested small features.

  • Files in search results that are queued for download are now marked with a download arrow icon.
  • Improvements to action bar to prevent the disappearance of action buttons when their corresponding view is still active.
  • Clear Complete and Clear Complete/Aborted buttons in download and upload tabs allow you to manually perform the same functions automatically peformed by the corresponding checkboxes.
  • Delete button can now be used to delete transfers.
  • Ignore chat from user menu option.
  • Speed optimizations to underlying data system.

Links on the download page.

Thanks, Nir


Hi Nir,

sorry for being such a noob, but could you briefly explain how to install/run this on Ubuntu? I just installed qt and tried something like .\SoulseekQt-11-28-2011-32bit but received only "command not found"… What would be the proper command?

I do by the way believe that I owe the largest part of my musical education to you and Soulseek… Thanks a lot for that!



I have to be honest, I don't really have any experience with Ubuntu (Debian fan myself), but this sounds like it's a permissions problem. Try opening a console, cd to the folder containing the client and type chmod +x <client filename>, this should allow you to execute the file.

Thanks for the kind word, Nir