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I usually wait longer before releasing a new version, but I've been working on a user notes feature, and am quite pleased with how it turned out. So I figured, why the hell not. This is the equivalent of the user notes feature in the original Soulseek client, but with a better integrated, more prominent user interface that makes it less of a secret feature. To add or edit a user's note, use the corresponding context menu option. The attached note will appear next to their entry in your user list and any other list you put them in, meaning the unshared or ignored lists. This lets you use notes not only to specify why someone is in your buddy list, but also why you might have ignored or made your files unavailable to them. I'm particularly pleased with how user notes are integrated into room user lists. Users who have a note attached to them, independent of whether they're in any of your lists, will have a note icon on their row in a new column. Click it and you'll be able to edit their note right away. Just be advised that because of the way SoulseekQt stores column sizes and the newly added note column, room user list column sizes will probably be out of whack the first time you use the new version. Don't fret, just re-adjust the column sizes to your liking and they'll remain as you've set them.

Update: I couldn't resist sneaking one more thing in. The empty space reserved for the event bar goes unused the vast majority of the time, and it's really been rubbing me the wrong way as of late. I've made it so that it's hidden when no events are shown. The files pointed to by the download links for tonight's release were updated.


  • Double-clicking should now work in share browses to download files and folders. Files set to download will be marked with a download icon, as with search results.
  • /me actions should now work in room and private chat.

Links on the download page.

Thanks, Nir


i just wanna say that you, nir sir, must be one of the most passioned developers i ever saw. the attention to the release notes details, the strife to always make ssqt better, the difficulties you have to deal about testing it in different environments through vm... man, serious kudos to you.

Thank you gatovadio for your very kind words :) it's always nice to have your efforts appreciated. Here's to a Soulseek client that will keep improving for a long time to come!

Cheers, Nir

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which version of libpng is using now? to see if i can update it now...

I'm not sure what you mean. SoulseekQt doesn't use libpng directly, but perhaps the Qt libraries do? In which case I guess it depends on which version of the Qt libraries you're using.

downloading every single build made. and immediately upgrading. impressive work!
billion steps forward ns client!

keep up with good things done

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Hi Nir, thanks for all the good work your doing! Have installed the client on Windows 7 64 bit, and already now I think it's better then the old client. Gonna try to install it on my own 64 bit linux machine now... :-)

Any change of getting an option to import settings (like userlist etc.) from the old client to the new one? I noticed all settings are now stored in one database file so I guess it's not so straightforward, but I would appreciate it very much!

Hey Chiquitin, good to see you again! I'm very happy to hear you like SoulseekQt so far. I haven't had time to write an import tool yet, got a lot on my plate right now. Next version is download alerts, color configuration and chat logging, almost finished. Will see if I can't hack together a quick import tool at some point.

Thanks, Nir