Getting SoulseekQt to run on 64-bit Linux

As I've had to port SoulseekQt to 64-bit Mac, I do intend to start offering 64-bit versions of the SoulseekQt client for Linux eventually. Until then, user frd was kind enough to post instructions for getting 32-bit SoulseekQt running on 64-bit Linux. You can read them here.

Update: User Dewb wrote an Ubuntu specific guide that also shows you how to integrate SoulseekQt with the Ubuntu shell.


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May be youu should check -and collaborate?- with Nicotine+, a SlSk GNU/Linux client that f*cking rules.

I have checked Nicotine+ and I'm very impressed with what the developers have managed to do with it. I strongly encourage anyone who's dissatisfied with the original Soulseek client or SoulseekQt to try it out and see if it fits their needs. That said, I'm not the right person to help with developing it. I prefer to work alone, I'm not a fan of Python, and I have different ideas in mind for a Soulseek client. Besides, Nicotine+ doesn't look like it needs my help.

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