August end of month clearance build

  • You can now choose file extensions to exclude from folder downloads. Files with the selected extensions can still be downloaded individually.
  • You can now ask to be alerted when a user goes online via the context menu. User online alerts can be viewed under Users->Online Alerts.
  • A search filter can now be marked as a default filter. It will then be automatically applied to any new searches, save for wishlist searches that have been associated with a different filter.
  • The tabs in many places are now movable so as to let you reorder them.
  • Double-clicking a username in a room or the user list will open a chat window.
  • Green and red dots were replaced by the Soulseek icons for online and offline.
  • You now have the option of gifting any of your privileges time to another user via the context menu.
  • The client will now display admin messages.
  • Option to control the display of the user groups dialog right after adding a user to your list. The default behavior is not to show it.
  • Searches from other users processed by your client will now be shown under Search->Received Searches.
  • Wish list entries can now be edited.
  • An option was added to show your away status as the application's icon.
  • The client window should now restore to a maximized state if it was maximized before minimizing.
  • The room user list can now be sorted by any of the columns.
  • Fixed search results now showing up if they're already shown for another search.
  • Fixed re-run search in download context menu not working.
  • User info notification is now properly cleared when manually navigating to the user info tab.
  • Remove wish list item moved from action bar to a context menu.

Links on the download page!

Thanks, Nir


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Nice new update! Could you post your "stuff to add to the next version" list some day? Would provide an interesting read, I guess.
Soulseekqt is now so good, IMO, that perhaps you should start discouraging people from using older (or other) versions?

Thanks cronos! We made the SoulseekQt website our main website to encourage people to try out SoulseekQt. Some people have valid reasons to stay with NS though, so we're not pushing it too hard. I have a sort of to-do list on google docs, you can view it here. Generally the things closer to the top are more immediate to-dos, and the closer you get to the bottom the more you're getting into maybe territory.

Cheers, Nir

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