SoulseekQT Public Build 4 for Windows and Linux 32-bit

If you've been keeping up with the nightly builds, the only major change since the last one is a reworking of the peer connection mechanism that better packs together the whole simultaneous direct/indirect connection business in a way that's a lot less likely to default on you as you exchange peer messages and/or transfer files with other clients. A full changelog of everything new since Public Build 3 is available further below. And, oh yes, Linux! Many caveats with that one. First of all, it's 32-bit. I haven't had much luck getting it to work in a 64-bit Linux virtual machine. And unfortunately getting a 64-bit version to compile appears to be a little less simple than running the codebase through a 64-bit toolchain, so for now it'll have to wait. You'll need the latest Qt libraries installed. I tried with just the Debian Qt4 packages and it wasn't enough. The easiest, most sure-fire way of getting the right ones is via the Qt SDK online installer (link below). You can choose a custom installation and de-select everything except Qt Creator (which can't be de-selected). The executable, also linked to below, can be run from anywhere once you've set the right permissions (chmod u+x). You'll notice some of the labels and buttons have their text cut short, and some of the columns not quite accommodating their content without resizing.. The default Qt font is bigger in Linux than it is in Windows, which will be addressed in future releases. I've also noticed upload speed limiting doesn't work anywhere as accurately in Linux. Not sure if it's something to do with the fact I was testing it in a virtual machine. Further investigation is requisite.

Qt SDK online installer

For Windows:

SoulseekQT Public Build

Tomorrow I'll be looking into the Mac version!


  • Transfer speeds are now shown for downloads and uploads.
  • Upload speed can now be limited. (Does not appear to work accurately in Linux)
  • File sharing options page now features a rescan shares button.
  • Much better handling of simultaneous direct/indirect peer connection requests.
  • Fixed a bug where files and subfolders removed from shared folders still appear to be shared in following client sessions.
  • Own upload speed statistic is now being maintained by the client and shows up in sent search results.
  • Fixed a crash bug relating to improper cleanup of download entry information.
  • Uploads are automatically aborted now when stuck in initialization phase.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause uploads to sometimes not be re-queued.
  • Fixed crash bugs related to peer messaging.
  • Search results now show number of files in a user's queue if they are not open for upload.
  • Fixed a bug where the client would sometimes send results for searches that have no matches.
  • Various other fixes and optimizations.


Found a strange bug. I use a Wacom Bamboo tablet instead of a mouse. Usint Soulseek QT pen events, like click and scroll, does not register, wich its odd since I use the pen in mouse mode.

Me too, I am running Soulseek Qt build 2014.4.11 and use a Wacom tablet. My pen events do not work inside the application but a mouse works fine. I too use the pen in mouse mode.