Old-style search results, Permanent usernames and the Soulseek Supporter badge

With today's release I get to check off one of the longest and most oft-requested changes to SoulseekQt: the ability to display search results the way they're displayed in the original client, without the breakdown into a tree of usernames and folders. Some of you just preferred the old look, more of you were missing the ability to sort search results by any of the columns. I prefer the new look, and most of the things that can be done through column sorting can be done with filters as well, but now you have the choice. To display your search results the old way, check Options->General->Use old-style search results. The change will apply to any yet-unopened search result tabs. Everything seems to be working, including filters for the most part (the minimum files in folder filter is not functional for the old style as of yet), but I haven't done very extensive testing of this rather sizable modification, so let me know if you run into any problems and I'll fix them ASAP.

The other notable change is in regard to donations. In addition to the usual benefits, we've added two small, but permanent perks that come with any one-time donation of $5 or more. First, your username will never expire. We usually clear usernames that haven't been logged into for more than 30 days to conserve on server memory. That won't affect the username under which you've made the donation. The other permanent perk is a gold star Soulseek Supporter badge that replaces the 'Support Soulseek!' text on the donation button. You'll still see the number of days of privileges you have left next to your badge, and you can still use the button to donate again, but the badge will remain there for as long as you're logged in to the same username. These perks are already active for anyone with any privileges time left.


  • Number of shared files and upload speed are now shown in the user list.
  • Logging to the diagnostics tab, as well as the diagnostics tab itself are now disabled by default in an effort to conserve memory. To turn back on, use Options->General->Show Diagnostics.
  • A 'Search target:' label is now shown in the search tab to help users find the options to search their user list and rooms they're in.
  • File dialogs native to your operating system are now used to share folders and anywhere else.

The following has changed between the 11/7 and 11/16 builds:

  • You can now disable creating subfolders for single file downloads by checking Options->File Sharing->Don't create subfolders for single downloads.
  • The contents of the main tabs have been made a little tighter by eliminating some of the wasted space at the top.
  • Fixed tracks not being sorted in search results.
  • Fixed user context-menu options not working when selecting a folder or user node in search results.
  • You can now choose to open a different main tab when starting the client. Options include the Transfers tab, Rooms (the default), Search or Users.
  • The width of the search correlations pane is now memorized.

Links are on the download page.

Thanks, Nir


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I agree, having downloaded files sitting in newly created folders is very annoying and inconvinient. I can't see any use for this function. It also makes it very difficult to compare files length, bitrate, size etc when they are all sitting in seperate folders. This is also why I like the old style search results, so you can sort file results by bitrate. If you added this filter to the new style results then I would use them. Just my views from using the new client and thanks for your hard work so far.

Please give me an update on ignore user by IP, if you're willing to impliment or not, etc. I'm liking the changes so far, but there are some users that switch usernames daily and it makes it difficult to ignore them. Thanks!

Sorry, I don't think I'll be able to do that anytime soon.

Is it a matter of doing everything else or what? I'd really like to get off nicotine+ but I feel the ip ignore for usernames is required if you want to chat in a chatroom without trolls spamming.

I'm not sure how it's done in Nicotine's case, but something like that would require that your client keep asking for the IP address of every user in the room, which would generate a lot of extra traffic between the server and room users. This isn't something I want SoulseekQt to do by default. The alternative would be to modify the server code to supply the IP address of every user in the room and whenever a user joins the room. Either way it's a lot of work, and I don't see this feature as important enough to implement soon.

Understood, surely it's much simpler than that, since N+ is ran on the same server. How to do it, I don't know as well. But surely there can be something done to prevent these people logging into a new name multiple times a day and spamming / harassing others, right?

Nicotine+ also seems to store the IP client-side and not server side if that's of any help.

Hmm.. Can't find diagnostic tab in this version, where were many useful functions... And also smth with rooms tab, can't even chose anyone...


The removal of the Diagnostics tab is covered in the announcement, use Options->General->Show Diagnostics to bring it back. As for the room list, looks like it was squeezed in somehow, grab the splitter at the right edge of the tab and pull left to bring it back out.

Hi there. I love this program, but I have to tell you. This program is somewhat buggy on my machine. It stops working all the time, usually will last for about an hour, and will crash. Also, I downloaded a '11-7' version at first, then came back and there was a '11-12' version, but now the 11-7 version is back. Let me know if I can help with debugging.

Hi Paradigm, I just posted another build (11/16) though if you're experiencing crashes it's not likely it'll fix them. You can really help by going through the motions necessary to generate a crash report. See here for details. If you have any questions about setting things up, please let me know.

Thanks, Nir

In the old client, I remember that one would be able to right-click on any single MP3 file and select "download containing folder." Personally I thought that was really useful. I was wondering if you plan on bringing that functionality into QT. Thank you for your hard work.

Please check the FAQ, the issue is covered there.

Thanks, Nir

I can't seem to find the "Download Containing Folder" issued in FAQ,any help?


Thanks for the info. I actually installed the latest version (11/16) and since, I haven't had any problems. I notices that it appears to have gotten better between versions. 11/7 randomly crashed all the time, 11/12, not so much so, and now with 11/16, I haven't had a single crash yet. I will use the information to submit a report if I have any problems. Thanks!!

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I prefer the search results presented as a tree, but there's too much wasted space and truncated text because each new sub-level is shown in a different column. It would look much neater if it was presented as a "regular" tree.

BTW, another donation is on your way. ;-)

Yeah, it's the way Qt trees work, I don't believe there's anything that can be done about that. Thank you for your support!

Sorry friends...
but I don't know where post
I'm using SLSK 157NS 13e
I'd like to know if QT version is still in beta

i have Q: i reinstalled my machine and after i downloaded and installed again slsk software on my pc and i try to log in with my old details in it , it wasn't work it didn't show me the users that i already added like friends, so my active uploads , so everytime i need to begin brand new sessions :( ... is there way to restore it and if i forget my password, how is possible to restore it or change it ?? thanks ! Regards, Nike Ei !

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Thanks so much for old-style search results! Much more space-efficient and easy to browse for me given the nature of Qt trees (on mac client). Seriously appreciate your work on the client and network, the community-oriented nature of both makes me wish that torrents were similar in that regard.

Thanks magoni, I appreciate the kind word.