Nightly Build 9/21/2011

In no particular order:

  • Application now has a tray icon on Windows, and will minimize to it rather than leave behind a taskbar button. Tray icons are generally supported on Mac and Linux, but Mac has the dock and Linux has all manner of window managers, so I wasn't sure how appropriate it would be to simply copy the feature. I'm open to suggestions though.
  • Notifications which normally appear in the event bar at the top will now also flash their icon in the taskbar/dock and on Windows the tray as well when the application does not have focus.
  • Major speed optimization to populating a user's shared files view.
  • Significant speed optimization to receiving large numbers of search results by sorting them a maximum of once per second.
  • User's shared files view now features Expand Level/Collapse All/Expand all buttons. The Expand Level button will expand one subfolder level for each click, up to the maximum subfolder level for the share.
  • Number of shared files is now sent to the server and should appear where appropriate, mainly in rooms.

Windows, Mac and Linux builds on the download page.

Cheers, Nir


wow, great news, nir!
i'm most excited about points 3 and 5, despite i haven't tried it yet (i'm at work).

as for point 1, if you wanna check eiskaltdc++, they use dock and menu bar (tray) icon.
usually, it's set on preferences whether to use one or another, in os x apps.
now, if the purpose is just to minimize it, i think the dock icon is enough, unless you want to provide some quick options in the menu bar like in eiskaltdc++.

i'm using this new soulseek client on windows and really like it alot! thanks for the great work so far, it's already a lot more comfortable to use than the old client.
however, with this new nightly build i experienced two little annoyances.
1. actually, i quite liked in the previous builds that soulseek minimized to the task bar as i had the program fixed to it (win 7 here). would it be possible to include an option to toggle between minimizing to task bar/tray bar?
2. when i have soulseek maximized on the screen, than minimize to the tray icon and reopen from the tray icon again, the window may fill the whole desktop but it isn't maximized (got to click on the maximize-button of the window in the top right to do so).

best regards!

I'm glad to hear you find the client more comfortable to use than the original client, that's very good to hear! I'll add the option to minimize to the taskbar in the next build. I'm not sure about the maximizing problem, I'll certainly look into it.

Thanks, Nir

Hello Nir,

Just to say thank you for all your hard work for all these years. Much respect to you.

Thank you :) That's very nice of you to say.