Donations, Stripe, and other things

As some of you already know, PayPal suddenly and unceremoniously decided to end a very friendly working relationship with us that lasted 14 years (and included the occasional personal christmas card.) We have asked repeatedly for an explanation of this behavior, but have been stonewalled at every turn, and have received only form emails telling us that we needed to be “pre-approved” for an account. When we asked what we need to do to be pre-approved, they emailed back and said that they are “not granting pre-approval at this time”.

Domain Certificate problems

Edit: Should be all good now. Looks like we had to install certificates for our CA (certificate authority) in addition to our own.

If you're getting a security warning in your browser when trying to get to the Donate page, please stand by. It looks like we installed our new domain certificate incorrectly. We're working to fix it now.

Thanks, Nir

Useful TagLib audio attributes.

I've created a spreadsheet of all the audio types supported by TagLib and the more common audio attributes:

Non-threaded file transfers

This change is very technical, but it's also a very big one. Qt sockets aren't generally supposed to be used in secondary threads, instead each socket emits a signal that says when data is available to read on the socket, when data was successfully written, when the socket disconnects... I originally implemented file transfer in SoulseekQt using signals, but transfer speeds ended up being really slow.

TagLib, symlinks, and an optimized upload queue

The biggest piece of news this time around is that I've managed to integrate TagLib, the super versatile audio file analysis and tagging library into SoulseekQt. Finding TagLib was a pretty major happy accident. I was showing SoulseekQt to a co-worker, and his second question (after: can you search for FLAC files?) was, does it show FLAC file audio properties in search results? No, I said, we only really analyze MP3 files for audio properties. But that's a good idea.

Risky Business

Being between jobs as I currently am, I've had a lot more time than usual to push on a few of the most wanted SoulseekQt features and fixes from the last couple of years that I held off on due to their level of complexity and risk. Seeing as how risky some of these are, I'm posting the new builds here instead of to the download page in hopes that enough of you will try them out and report any problems that pop up, before silence reigns supreme and I feel confident enough to release them into the wild. First, the builds:

[Check the download page for updated links]

Server Outage

We apologize for the current Soulseek server outage. There appears to be a problem with memory consumption on the server machine, and we are working to restore service as quickly as possible.

Thanks, Nir

Update: Server appears to be up and running. We're keeping our eyes peeled for any further problems.

How should file transfers/searches be shown in SoulseekQt?

In a table, the way it was done in the original Soulseek client.
43% (131 votes)
In a tree, the way it's currently done in SoulseekQt.
29% (87 votes)
Either way is fine.
29% (87 votes)
Total votes: 305

New Download Folder Functionality, Limit Number of Search Results, Static Linux builds

Changing the way downloading folders via search results works in SoulseekQt has a been a source of frequent (if not overwhelmingly frequent) complaints. Used to be in the good ol' days, you'd run a search that only returns a particular file in a particular folder, and feeling especially lucky you'd use the download folder option to queue everything in the folder for download, whatever that may be. You'd get a warning if too many files were involved, but otherwise you'd be getting everything.

ScarletFire's build for Mac

I've tried posting a Mac version of ScarletFire's build before, but problems with the new Qt 5.1 deployment utility made the resulting package useless on all machines but mine. I've finally had time to look into it today, and thanks to some new information from around the web now that Qt 5.1 users with more time on their hands a much better understanding of Mac operating systems have run into the problem as well, I now have a package that appears to work on a secondary Snow Leopard virtual machine with no version of Qt installed:


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