Server Outage

We apologize for the current Soulseek server outage. There appears to be a problem with memory consumption on the server machine, and we are working to restore service as quickly as possible.

Thanks, Nir

Update: Server appears to be up and running. We're keeping our eyes peeled for any further problems.

How should file transfers/searches be shown in SoulseekQt?

In a table, the way it was done in the original Soulseek client.
43% (131 votes)
In a tree, the way it's currently done in SoulseekQt.
29% (87 votes)
Either way is fine.
29% (87 votes)
Total votes: 305

New Download Folder Functionality, Limit Number of Search Results, Static Linux builds

Changing the way downloading folders via search results works in SoulseekQt has a been a source of frequent (if not overwhelmingly frequent) complaints. Used to be in the good ol' days, you'd run a search that only returns a particular file in a particular folder, and feeling especially lucky you'd use the download folder option to queue everything in the folder for download, whatever that may be. You'd get a warning if too many files were involved, but otherwise you'd be getting everything.

ScarletFire's build for Mac

I've tried posting a Mac version of ScarletFire's build before, but problems with the new Qt 5.1 deployment utility made the resulting package useless on all machines but mine. I've finally had time to look into it today, and thanks to some new information from around the web now that Qt 5.1 users with more time on their hands a much better understanding of Mac operating systems have run into the problem as well, I now have a package that appears to work on a secondary Snow Leopard virtual machine with no version of Qt installed:

ScarletFire's Build: Windows Preview

Thanks to the help and tireless dedication of user thescarletfire, and after weeks of testing, restructuring, fixing and improving, I'm happy to be able to offer one of the biggest updates to SoulseekQt in a very long time. These are the big three changes/additions:

Spring cleaning, Mac routers and Happy accidents

A funny thing happened a few days ago when I was going through my apartment, filling trash-bag-after-bagfuls of junk I've accumulated over the past decade. I came across an old D-Link DIR-600 router I had purchased for my mother-in-law several years ago and then promptly forgot to bring along to the other side of the bay. Later on, I tried giving it to a neighbor in need, fully upgraded to the latest firmware, but the upgrade rendered it virtually unusable, unable to hold a TCP connection for longer than about half a minute at a time.

Jumping the Gun

I usually take longer between each release, but as there's already a respectable array of attempts here to satisfy some of the more active unfulfilled feature requests, and despite the fact some of these new features are woefully under-tested, I figured I'd lay it out there and hold off on an auto-update release until I can get enough feedback and the chance to fix any issues that come up. This time around:

Weekend Yield

As many of you already know, I now have a full-time job that's keeping me horribly busy and leaving me barely able to see straight at the end of each day. Still, I try to do at least one thing every weekend in way of improving SoulseekQt, be it fixing a serious bug, or adding a feature or two that's been sitting in the feature requests list for a while or that I would like to see added myself. Tonight's build is the sum total of my work over the last few weekends since the previous release.

Old-style search results, Permanent usernames and the Soulseek Supporter badge

With today's release I get to check off one of the longest and most oft-requested changes to SoulseekQt: the ability to display search results the way they're displayed in the original client, without the breakdown into a tree of usernames and folders. Some of you just preferred the old look, more of you were missing the ability to sort search results by any of the columns. I prefer the new look, and most of the things that can be done through column sorting can be done with filters as well, but now you have the choice.

Sound notifications, couple of small fixes

Smaller release this time around, this is mainly to address a crash bug that affects certain shared folders. Those experiencing the bug will find their client crashing a short while after starting it. I figured I might as well get it out there for whomever really needs it. Additionally:


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