UPnP, automatic updating of download place in line

New in the latest nightly build are one very important feature and one very convenient feature, assuming they should work for you as intended. As with the original Soulseek client, I'm using the very handy miniupnpc library for UPnP functionality. If your router supports UPnP, as most routers do, you should see a serious improvement in peer-to-peer connectivity, covering transfers, browsing and searching if your SoulseekQT listening wasn't manually forwarded already. The initialization is done in the main thread which means the client takes a couple of seconds longer to start.

SoulseekQT Public Build 4 for Mac

Not much to say here. Seems like all of the changes made for the Linux port pretty much worked right out of the box on OSX. The no proper dock icon business has been addressed. I went through all of the basics, rooms, downloads, uploads, sharing, browsing, searching. It all seems to work. If this is the first SoulseekQT build you're trying on your mac you'll need the Qt framework installed as before. Link below.

SoulseekQT Public Build 4 for Windows and Linux 32-bit

If you've been keeping up with the nightly builds, the only major change since the last one is a reworking of the peer connection mechanism that better packs together the whole simultaneous direct/indirect connection business in a way that's a lot less likely to default on you as you exchange peer messages and/or transfer files with other clients. A full changelog of everything new since Public Build 3 is available further below. And, oh yes, Linux! Many caveats with that one. First of all, it's 32-bit. I haven't had much luck getting it to work in a 64-bit Linux virtual machine.

SoulseekQT Public Build 3

No major new features in this one, as should be the case for most future public builds. As downloading appears to work pretty well my focus now is on getting the entire life-cycle of uploads to work. This means everything from properly returning downloadable search results to browsing to actual uploading. A bunch of bugs related to this were fixed, and a few unrelated ones as well:


SoulseekQT Public Build 2

I seriously need a break from development, so I figured I'd release what I have so far as public build 2. The biggest change is the addition of user groups; the ability to assign one or more groups to users on your list, and share different folders to each of those groups in your file sharing settings. The client also seems to now be able to return downloadable search results. Everything else is relatively minor:


On trying to port the client to Mac

I've done almost nothing in the last few days except see how far I can get trying to port SoulseekQT to a Mac environment. I don't have a Mac, but a long while ago I managed to get Snow Leopard running in Virtual Box, and seeing as Qt had been ported to the Mac along with its accompanying development environment, Qt creator, it seemed as if my chances were pretty good.

Forum section added

I've noticed a few users have submitted general questions as feature/bugfix requests, which isn't surprising since there isn't anywhere else on the site they can post them. For that purpose I've enabled the forums module. You can use the Forums link on the right to access them.

SoulseekQT Public Build 1

Well, it's been many months of hard work, and although the new Soulseek client is far from complete, and can't seriously be considered to be a proper replacement for the original client, I've finally reached a point where I feel it's good enough to at least be looked at. If for no other reason than to provide a glimpse at what's to come. If you try it out, expect lots of missing very basic features and bugs of every stripe. Rather than publish at major milestones, I'm going to be regularly posting new public builds here every time I fix or add any small number of things.



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